"BIO-KG" Organic Movement Federations

Developing organic agriculture in the Kyrgyz Republic

The Organic Movement Federation “BIO-KG” is the country’s leading umbrella organization, uniting and coordinating the efforts of civil society to develop the organic movement in Kyrgyzstan. Created in 2012.

Mission: Preservation and development of biocultural diversity. Consolidation of efforts and support for the organic movement in the Kyrgyz Republic. Goal: Promotion of Organic Agriculture as a strategic vector for the development of the Kyrgyz economy. An objective analysis of the totality of the main factors that determine the most effective vector for the development […]


Final public discussion on irrigation water in the regions

Director of the Organic Movement Federation “BIO-KG” – Aidaraliev Iskender: “For the overhaul of irrigation systems, more than 10 billion soms are needed” Kyrgyz farmers can increase agricultural production, this will require more than 10 billion soms. This was announced today, December 13, by the head of the BIO-KG Association, Iskenderbek Aydaraliev, during the final […]