"BIO-KG" Organic Movement Federations

Developing organic agriculture in the Kyrgyz Republic


On June 21, the Federation of organic department  held a meeting with representatives of the Department of Organic Agriculture (DOAC) The Ministry of Agriculture of the Kyrgyz Republic.

At the meeting, the parties discussed the further plan of cooperation on a number of issues, in particular, the prospects for the creation of organic aymaks throughout the republic and the certification system were touched upon.

The head of the BIO-KG FOD Iskenderbek Aidaraliev recalled that when creating such aymaks, it is necessary to strictly adhere to international standards and gave an example of BIO-KG, which is a member of IFOAM, the only international umbrella organization in the field of organic agriculture, which unites like–minded people who share the principles of environmentally friendly agriculture: health, ecology, justice.

The representative of DOAC  expressed readiness to cooperate more closely, and to begin with, he proposed to develop a working regulation on the development of OSH in the regions of Kyrgyzstan together with the Federation.