"BIO-KG" Organic Movement Federations

Developing organic agriculture in the Kyrgyz Republic

BIO-KG Coordinator conducted the second stage of the atlas of local biodiversity in Naryn

The coordinator of the BIO-KG  (Traditional Culture and Biodiversity) Sultan Sarygulov held seminars in organic aymaks in Naryn. So, since September 16, he has held lectures for high school students of the OA “Dobolu” and “Ortok”.

The second stage of the atlas of local diversity is to monitor the agreed locations of local ecosystems as part of a formed team (it was decided to form the backbone of the team from mainly 8th grade students) , a biologist or ecologist, local experts (shepherds, hunters, herbalists, zhait committee) and conduct a detailed audit of the selected zones.

Also in Naryn, the coordinator organized the summing up of the first stage of the monitoring work, having formatted all the worked-out “eco passports” and compiled photo herbariums (with an indication of the date), their classification according to the state and developed recommendations and proposals.

Consolidation at the local legislative and executive level, followed by approval at the general rural meeting of the rules and requirements of the relationship between residents and the environment (in all its components). A kind of “code of relations between a person and a Woman”.