"BIO-KG" Organic Movement Federations

Developing organic agriculture in the Kyrgyz Republic

BIO-KG Organic Development Federation’s goals for 2023

Federation of Organic Development “Bio-KG” promotes the model of “Organic Aimaks”, strives to preserve bio-cultural diversity, to the recognition of organic products, is actively involved in achieving food security of the Kyrgyz Republic. The Federation together with other stakeholders supports the development of the Organic Movement in the Kyrgyz Republic and promotion of OSH principles (health, ecology, integrity, care) as the basis for the formation of sustainable agricultural policy in the Kyrgyz Republic.
This year, our Federation has the following goals:

  1. Conducting training and consulting on organic agriculture;
  2. Development and certification in organic aimaks;
  3. Bringing organic food to the market by processing and creating a value chain;
  4. Organization of cooperation with major shopping centers for sustainable sales of organic products.

To achieve these goals, we cooperate with all stakeholders and share experiences among farmers. We will build our capacity, and organize local training centers. We wish that 2023 will be a productive and successful year for us!