"BIO-KG" Organic Movement Federations

Developing organic agriculture in the Kyrgyz Republic


Is organics a fashion?

Today at every turn we are surrounded by brands and bloggers who talk about healthy living, biohacking, new diets, revolutionary beauty products and more. But there is one international movement that has been growing for over 50 years and that seems to get the least shouted about. This movement is the foundation of all the […]



25-27 January 2023 in Bishkek is a conference organized by the KGFRAS. The event is attended by members of the Association and Aigerim Myrzakanova from the Federation of Organic Movement “Bio-KG”. At the conference the topic “AIS – Agricultural Innovation System” is studied. In the agricultural sector there are many actors (NGOs, PE, donors, government […]


What is a value-added chain?

A value chain is a sequence of processes to create a product. A product goes through all the processes in this chain in a certain order, and during each process it gains additional value. And by going through the whole chain, the product acquires more value than the sum of the value of all the […]


BIO-KG Organic Development Federation’s goals for 2023

Federation of Organic Development “Bio-KG” promotes the model of “Organic Aimaks”, strives to preserve bio-cultural diversity, to the recognition of organic products, is actively involved in achieving food security of the Kyrgyz Republic. The Federation together with other stakeholders supports the development of the Organic Movement in the Kyrgyz Republic and promotion of OSH principles […]


FOD BIO-KG participated in the round table

On January 19 of this year in Bishkek a round table on “Green socio-economic development” was held. The event was attended by the Permanent Coordinator of the UN system in the Kyrgyz Republic, representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, heads of UN agencies, stakeholders and the Director of the Federation of Organic Development “BIO-KG” […]