"BIO-KG" Organic Movement Federations

Developing organic agriculture in the Kyrgyz Republic


BIO-KG Organic Development Federation’s goals for 2023

Federation of Organic Development “Bio-KG” promotes the model of “Organic Aimaks”, strives to preserve bio-cultural diversity, to the recognition of organic products, is actively involved in achieving food security of the Kyrgyz Republic. The Federation together with other stakeholders supports the development of the Organic Movement in the Kyrgyz Republic and promotion of OSH principles […]


FOD BIO-KG participated in the round table

On January 19 of this year in Bishkek a round table on “Green socio-economic development” was held. The event was attended by the Permanent Coordinator of the UN system in the Kyrgyz Republic, representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, heads of UN agencies, stakeholders and the Director of the Federation of Organic Development “BIO-KG” […]


FOD BIO-KG participated in the сonference

A conference organised by KGFRAS was held in Bishkek on 19-21 December 2022. The event was attended by members of the Association. The programme of the three-day conference included the topic of innovation: problems, developments and solutions. The participants listened to presentations on successful business management, the usefulness of online platforms and the use of […]


FOD BIO-KG participated in the seminar

On December 5, 2022 in Bishkek the final meeting of the project “Support for the implementation of policies in the field of organic agriculture and capacity building of farmers in the Kyrgyz Republic” was held by the FAO representation office in Kyrgyzstan. The purpose of the meeting was to get acquainted with the results and […]


FOD Bio-kg held a meeting in Naryn district

November 30, 2022 the Federation of Organic Development “Bio-KG” held a meeting “About the basis of the organization of organic aimaks and the work to be carried out in its framework” in the conference hall of the Naryn district administration. During the meeting, a detailed report on “What is an organic aimak, how it is […]