"BIO-KG" Organic Movement Federations

Developing organic agriculture in the Kyrgyz Republic


BIO-KG took part in the Exchange of Best practices held in Toktogul

BIO-KG FOD took part in the Exchange of Best Practices-a seminar where members of the Civil Alliance “For Improving Nutrition and Food Security “SUN KYRGHYZSTAN” gathered. The exchange of practices took place in the city of Toktogul, Jalal-Abad region on June 13-16, 2021. An employee of the Federation demonstrated a presentation with new stages in […]


Master class on the extraction of biohumus in the village of Ozernoye

In the village of Ozernoye, Sokuluk district, a master class on the care of biohumus was held for farmers of all organic aimags. The practical event was held within the framework of training seminars held by the Federation of the Organic Movement BIO-KG. The owner of the farm, Vladimir Kim, who is a member of […]


Farmer Avtan Baymatov: we all love to grow organic food!

A resident of the village, Farmer Avtan Baymatov, from an area where the climate is colder than in other regions due to its proximity to the mountains, the village of Kopuro-Bazar in Talas region (Kyrgyzstan) is located at an altitude of 1,975 meters above sea level. Therefore, residents can not please themselves with berries from […]


«Motivational caravan» was held in the OA «TALDY-BULAK» and «KOPURO-BAZAR»

The residents of the villages of  Taldy-Bulak and  Kopuro-Bazar took part in the «Motivational Caravan» organized by the Federation of Organic Movement BIO-KG on March 6 this year. The coordinator of the FOD, Sultan Sarygulov, gathered the residents of the aimag in order to spread the ideas of sustainable development of the “organic aimag”project. Representatives […]


More than 50 farmers in Naryn received certificates on the basics of OAC and PGS

As a result of the training of farmers with the support of the USAID project on competitiveness, trade, job creation, 27 participants of the training on OSH and certification under the PGS Guarantee Participation System from Ortok and 25 farmers from Dobolu received a certificate from BIO-KG together with the FOD. According to the participants, […]