"BIO-KG" Organic Movement Federations

Developing organic agriculture in the Kyrgyz Republic


Master class on the extraction of biohumus in the village of Ozernoye. Photofilm

In the village of Ozernoye, Sokuluk district, a master class on the care of biohumus was held for farmers of all organic aimags. The practical event was held within the framework of training seminars held by the Federation of the Organic Movement BIO-KG. The owner of the farm, Vladimir Kim, who is a member of […]


Seedlings for biodiversity: Nurseries in the Kopuro-bazar aymak

On April 17, 2021, raspberry, sea buckthorn, barberry and currant bushes were planted in the organic aymac of Kopuro-Bazar. The process was led by agronomist Myrzabek Sharsheyev . Thus, the issue of biodiversity is solved in organic aimags


The most interesting photos from organic aymaks of the past year

In organic aimags, life is always active and therefore you can see interesting things there: In the village of Taldy-Bulak, a farmer has grown an excellent harvest of garlic In the organic aimag of Teploklyuchenka (Issyk-Kul), Ainagul Rysmendeyeva achieved success. One of them is apples of incredible size and taste In 2020, all farmers began […]


The Organic Movement Federation “BIO-KG” is the country’s leading umbrella organization, uniting and coordinating the efforts of civil society to develop the organic movement in Kyrgyzstan. Created in 2012.

Mission: Preservation and development of biocultural diversity. Consolidation of efforts and support for the organic movement in the Kyrgyz Republic. Goal: Promotion of Organic Agriculture as a strategic vector for the development of the Kyrgyz economy. An objective analysis of the totality of the main factors that determine the most effective vector for the development […]