"BIO-KG" Organic Movement Federations

Developing organic agriculture in the Kyrgyz Republic


On May 13, in the organic aimag “Dobolu” of the Naryn region, a representative of the company “Dordoy Dary” in the person of biologist Damira Kampabekova conducted trainings for local farmers on growing chamomile.

The exercises were held for two days at the site of the mobilizer of the organic aimag “Dobolu” Gulzat Imanbekova. Farmers were explained how to effectively and properly care for plants in order to obtain high germination of herbs.

This year, the demand for chamomile in the Naryn region is associated with workshops that were built to produce extracts and oils from medicinal herbs on the territory of organic aimags.

“Dordoy Dary” has established both contacts with foreign buyers and in the domestic market, in addition, this company sells herbs wholesale and separately in special stores.

The trainings consisted of theory and practice. The potential of the Naryn region for the cultivation of medicinal herbs is recognized as quite promising, since there are many organic lands and other territories there.