"BIO-KG" Organic Movement Federations

Developing organic agriculture in the Kyrgyz Republic

Feedback from participants about the regional workshop held in Talas on August 11, 2022

Abdrasulov Azamat, chief specialist of the Department of Biodiversity and Protected Areas, had very good impressions from the event held by BIO-KG. He believes that organic products – this is what we need in our lives. With proper funding from the government, it is worth to extend the “Organic Aimak Model” to other villages.

Kubanychbek Abdrasulov, specialist of the department of agricultural projects implementation, believes that the two-day seminar “Model of organic aimak” was held at a high level.
According to him, in principle, it is necessary that this program should be implemented at the state level. This is because Kyrgyzstan is an agricultural country, but we do not pay much attention to this organic products. Unfortunately, in most cases we are imported products.

“Therefore, if we implement this program, it will contribute to both public health and the economy of the state”, – concluded Kubanychbek.

Temiralieva Nurayim, project manager of “Eco-Farm” farm, expressed her gratitude for the long-term cooperation with BIO-KG FOD and highly appreciated the quality of products from organic farmers of Aimaks. Nuraym noted the possible negative impact on our future if we do not start to eat right and follow it more carefully.
She said that she intends to cooperate with our federation in the future, and also shared her plans to send organic products from our farmers to other countries for export in the near future.