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August 21 in the organic aimak Taldy-Bulak, Talas region
The festival of traditional culture “Shirge-Zhyar” was held – an ancient holiday of nomadic Kyrgyz, who descended from the jailoo to their villages. This is a kind of thanksgiving day for the Kyrgyz, who gathered all the people at the jailoo and paid tribute to the Creator for his generosity and “good season”, collected all the food on the tablecloth, took “saab” and turned it upside down.

Thanksgiving in Kyrgyz or Shirge-Zhyyar holiday.
With the end of the summer, the ancestors of the Kyrgyz left the jailoo and descended to the villages. But before that, they laid a generous dastarkhan table, filling all the containers with kymys and other products as a token of thanksgiving. The people, strongly dependent on the safety of the livestock, set their first task to safely reach the spring, so that the stored food would be enough for everyone. Therefore, they begged the Creator for prosperity for the next year.
The hostesses scraped the leather bowl for the kymyss “saab” white, and what they scraped up, out of superstition, was also left for the next year – on the other hand, it was a ferment for kymyss in the new season. By the way, everyone is asking what the word shirge-zhyar itself means. According to one version, the same bowl for the popular fermented milk drink was called shiri. The dishes at the holiday were turned upside down and wishes were made for the whole village.