"BIO-KG" Organic Movement Federations

Developing organic agriculture in the Kyrgyz Republic

FOD BIO-KG participated in the seminar

On December 5, 2022 in Bishkek the final meeting of the project “Support for the implementation of policies in the field of organic agriculture and capacity building of farmers in the Kyrgyz Republic” was held by the FAO representation office in Kyrgyzstan.

The purpose of the meeting was to get acquainted with the results and key results of work in the field of organic agriculture and to make further plans for the development of the OSH.

At the meeting the participants listened to reports on the development and implementation of national organic regulation and standards for the implementation of the organic law, on the creation of an information base in the field of organic agriculture and market opportunities.

The event was attended by representatives of KOICA, FAO, MA, DOA, BIO-KG and other supporters of the project.

Participants noted the relevance of the ongoing work and concluded that it will be beneficial to all stakeholders, especially farmers and producers of organic products.