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Developing organic agriculture in the Kyrgyz Republic

Healthy eating is a trend of the 21st century

In modern society the issue of nutrition has recently been given quite a lot of attention. This topic worries people not only because of the moral aspect, which is to take care of your body and longevity, but also because of fears about the environment, pandemics and changes in the climate. So, to maintain proper nutrition these days is to give your body a chance to survive in the rather difficult conditions of life. More and more people are asking questions about nutrition.
Mankind is more and more interested in the topic of ecology. The number of environmental activists among young people is increasing every year, and to a large extent this is due to the fact that at all times young people want to change the world. Observing the growth of the economy and the increase in consumption, young people cannot stand aside and take an active stance, calling for the conservation of natural resources.
Taken together, the younger generation uses the same foods as adults to make their diets more “healthy,” often using different practices: counting calories, arranging meals by hours and combining all this with healthy athletic activity. The idea of healthy eating with “organic” and “eco” products is becoming more popular.
So, by eating organic foods, we are not only taking care of ourselves, but of the world as a whole! A healthy future in our hands!