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Master class on the extraction of biohumus in the village of Ozernoye

In the village of Ozernoye, Sokuluk district, a master class on the care of biohumus was held for farmers of all organic aimags. The practical event was held within the framework of training seminars held by the Federation of the Organic Movement BIO-KG.

The owner of the farm, Vladimir Kim, who is a member of the Federation of Organic Movement BIO-KG, spoke in detail about the intricacies of running his own business.

As it turned out, this type of entrepreneurship has a number of advantages. First, it is a rapidly growing production, the whole process of breeding is relatively simple, and most importantly, you can start with minimal investment – it would be a suitable place. According to Kim, the best food for the extraction of biohumus is manure from cattle (cattle). It is very easy to combine the cultivation of natural fertilizers in vegetable growing or cattle breeding.

At the same time, the risk may arise if there are inappropriate temperature differences, and if the farmer wants to expand the business to an industrial scale, then there may be difficulties with the feed for worms.

The unit of measurement in the retail sale of biohumus is a liter, even if it is a fertilizer in packages, and the temperature should be maintained from 15 to 25 degrees celsius.

You can start with minimal investment at home.

The idea, according to Vladimir, is easily combined with the ideas of breeding horses, cows, vegetable growing and vegetable storage, which allows you to quickly get rid of manure or illiquid vegetables.

It is important to buy a real breeding stock of worms.

OA farmers bought several liters of biohumus as a test, and some of them even decided to conclude a contract for the supply of biohumus to the aimags.

In the future, the participants of the master class plan to breed their own biohumus.