"BIO-KG" Organic Movement Federations

Developing organic agriculture in the Kyrgyz Republic

«Motivational caravan» was held in the OA «TALDY-BULAK» and «KOPURO-BAZAR»

The residents of the villages of  Taldy-Bulak and  Kopuro-Bazar took part in the «Motivational Caravan» organized by the Federation of Organic Movement BIO-KG on March 6 this year.

The coordinator of the FOD, Sultan Sarygulov, gathered the residents of the aimag in order to spread the ideas of sustainable development of the “organic aimag”project.

Representatives of the NGO “Arysh”, “Erayym” and the youth movement “Akshumkar-Kut” shared their experience in mobilizing internal resources and efforts in self-organizing residents of rural communities in solving urgent problems of the village.

Great interest was aroused by the performance of an excerpt from the dastan Zhenizhok ” Akkan suu” – an explanation of one of the seven precepts of Manas about respect for mother Earth.

The participants of the meeting were: heads of clans, elders, village activists, employees of ayil okmotu, representatives of zhamaats, rural schools and mobilizers of aymaks.

During the meeting, the issues of involving as many residents in the villages as possible in the implementation of the “Organic Aimag” project, namely in terms of cultural and biodiversity in the covered areas, were discussed.

Help to create a model of sustainable development on your basis, which can be implemented in the future in a broader format.

According to the coordinator, the discussion was very open and active, and the focus was mainly on the preservation of the habitat based on the rules of relations with nature.

The organizers of the meeting also offered the experience of other successful projects to mobilize women’s communities.