"BIO-KG" Organic Movement Federations

Developing organic agriculture in the Kyrgyz Republic


August 18, 2022 the Federation of Organic Development BIO-KG held a regional seminar “About organic aimak” in the village Dobolu Naryn district.

The purpose of the regional seminar was to familiarize with the “Organic Aimak Model” on the example of the work done in Dobolu organic aimak.

Participants of the seminar initially received information in the form of a report “On Organic Amak and the Creation of Biodiversity Atlas” and then got acquainted with the implementation of the practical part in the field.

This seminar was attended by representatives of the executive authorities of Naryn oblast, heads of local governments and farmers, as well as representatives of the International Fund “Aga Khan”.

In the practical part of the seminar, the participants visited the plot of farmer Zhanaliev Almaz and got acquainted with the work on growing medicinal herbs, on organization of nursery farm, biodiversity in crop production and on installation and use of drip irrigation system, the use of drying equipment. In addition, an exhibition of agricultural products and handicrafts by farmers of Dobolun and Ortok organic aimaks was organized.

During the discussion on the Naryn regional seminar “Organic aimak”, held on August 18, 2022 in the Dobolu village of Naryn district, participants praised the ongoing work in organic aimaks and made a proposal to expand the “organic aimak” in Naryn oblast. As a result of the discussion came to a decision to adopt on behalf of the seminar participants a special appeal “On the promotion of organic aimak” to the regional and district executive authorities, and local governments.