"BIO-KG" Organic Movement Federations

Developing organic agriculture in the Kyrgyz Republic

The Organic Movement Federation “BIO-KG” is the country’s leading umbrella organization, uniting and coordinating the efforts of civil society to develop the organic movement in Kyrgyzstan. Created in 2012.

Mission: Preservation and development of biocultural diversity. Consolidation of efforts and support for the organic movement in the Kyrgyz Republic.
Goal: Promotion of Organic Agriculture as a strategic vector for the development of the Kyrgyz economy.

More than 85% of alpine pastures, mountain and foothill grazing meet the requirements of organic production.

An objective analysis of the totality of the main factors that determine the most effective vector for the development of the country’s economy shows the priority of the development of organic movement, primarily organic agriculture, as the main direction of economic development in agrarian Kyrgyzstan and the creation of conditions for the sustainable development of society as a whole.
At the present stage, the greening of agriculture must be considered as a strategic direction for ensuring food security. This is our future, our prospect – not only to ensure the domestic market, it is our export potential.
We believe that while other countries are chasing mass production, increasing production to the detriment of safety and quality, Kyrgyzstan has a unique chance to occupy a niche in high-quality environmentally friendly products of a reference series.
Kyrgyzstan has all the necessary basic conditions for this. Most of the cultivated land can objectively be qualified as organic. Kyrgyzstan has large resources of clean water and catchment areas, providing water to a significant region of Central Asia. About 60% of agricultural production produced today is objectively organic – today we are already a country producing mainly organic products.

“Op Mayda” is a labor threshing song related to agriculture.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PeXo7W3-Wfc

In the mentality of the population, especially in rural and mountainous areas, the positions of “Eco-centrism”, characteristic of the worldview of our ancestors, are still alive, in contrast to the position of “Ego-centrism” professed by modern consumer society. It is “Ecocentrism”, with the dominant principle of “the Leadership of Nature and the sustainability of the environment”, as well as the principle of “reasonable sufficiency and common sense”, which is most in tune with the principles of the OSH and creates the most favorable social and motivational climate for the development of a “green economy”.
Kyrgyzstan – 2028 – a country of organic agriculture and sustainable development!